African Investment Opportunities - Discover Africa's Top Investments

Discover the best African Investments. Africa is in the early stages of an economic renaissance. However, the sheer size and diversity of Africa means that it can be challenging for companies and investors to build trusted business networks, navigate local capital markets and know where and how to source business and investment opportunities.  Our team has a wealth of experience in attracting inward investment into Africa and promoting trade links between companies inside Africa and those outside the continent through our flagship AFSIC – Investing in Africa event, our new online African Investments Dashboard and bespoke Investor Missions into Africa. Whether you are looking for Fintech, Manufacturing, Technology investments you have come to the right destination.

AFSIC - Investing in Africa: Country Focused Sessions

AFSIC – Investing in Africa is believed to be the largest African-focused investor event taking place annually in Europe. Why not join or take a leading role in our focused AFSIC Country Sessions at the AFSIC event to gain unique insights into the trade and investment ecosystem in select countries across the African continent? We showcase attractive investment opportunities across all sectors in both the public and private domains, meet leading African businesses and entrepreneurs, gain insights into key investment issues in each region and build networks with African business leaders, asset managers and financial sector experts. More

Upload and Access New Investment Opportunities Across Africa

If you are an African Business seeking access global capital or an Investor seeking new African Projects, you can register on the African Investments Dashboard to access or upload projects onto our growing database of African Investment opportunities. This is a complimentary new service and is already matching top African projects with intitutional investors and development finance organisations. More

African Investments Bespoke Investor Missions

The African Investments Team specialises in hosting in-country investor missions to a range of African countries.  The trips bring together the leading executives in the country’s investment ecosystem to showcase investment opportunities across targeted sectors, discuss local investment issues and visit project sites.  Previous trips have included two and three day events in Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and Morocco with a focus on investment opportunities in infrastructure, power and renewable energy, mining, oil & gas, agribusiness and the financial sector.

***NOTE that the 2020 Investor Trip series has been postponed until 2021 due to the Covid-19 situation.