2017 African In-Country Investor Trips


The African Investments Group’s Investor Trips launched in 2017 hosting investors in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These trips offered investors the opportunity to visit projects on the ground in Africa and build new networks with local experts. Business sectors highlighted were focused on:

  • Infrastructure
  • Energy including renewables
  • Agriculture
  • Resources
  • Banking and Financial Services.

West Africa 2017 – Ghana | Nigeria | Cote d’Ivoire


We were delighted to welcome Ecobank Capital as the Country Sponsor for the Ghana event and the bank’s management team provided excellent insights into the investment climate in Ghana and valuable commentary throughout the sessions.  The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) discussed key government priorities for investment which include downstream agribusiness, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure and financial services and outlined investment incentives for foreign investors.   Against this backdrop, companies gave presentations on investment opportunities including major industrial and housing projects at WestPark Industrial Park (Takoradi), Miotso-PramPram (Accra), renewable power projects (solar), hospitality projects, oil & gas projects, gold exploration ventures and an opportunity to develop downstream local vegetable markets.  HMI Management Services hosted a site visit for investors to hotel sites in Anomabo which provided investors with an informative on-ground experience.

In Nigeria, we partnered with LoftyInc Capital Management, which successfully invests in and supports local, early-stage start-up companies with positive social impact.  Presentations from Balogun Harold law firm and FirstBank Nigeria established key, in-country investment considerations.  Presentations from investee companies showcased more than 40 investment opportunities focused on energy (solar mini-grids/clusters/CSP’s and hydro), infrastructure (housing, aviation, technology), agribusiness (cashews, beef, sileage, cassava, salt), technology and financial services.

Hudson & CIE, the leading independent integrated securities firm based in Abidjan, partnered with African Investments to present high-quality investment opportunities in Côte d’Ivoire.  Projects were focused in agriculture (cashew exports, palm oil), infrastructure (marine transport management, logistics and transit projects), renewable energy (4MW anaerobic digestion plant, biofuel from cassava, solar solutions and smart-metering) and an oil & gas exploration project in Guinea-Bissau.  AIM-listed Dekel Oil hosted a site visit to their impressive palm oil production facility and palm nursery and outlined plans for expansion of their facilities.

The meetings were attended by regional West African private equity and institutional investors, representatives from PE funds in UAE, Tunisia, Botswana and UK, local capital advisors and local financial institutions.

East Africa 2017 – Rwanda | Ethiopia | Tanzania


The 2017 African Investments’ East African Investor Trip was attended by a total of 90 delegates.  Local and international groups gave presentations on over 30 investment opportunities in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia covering the Infrastructure, Power and Renewable Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas and Agriculture sectors.  These presentations were interspersed with contextual presentations from law firms, accounting firms and government investment agencies which highlighted government priorities and incentives for foreign investment, the local economic climate, tax issues and strategies for navigating the local investment process.

Deal sizes were primarily in the range USD 5M to USD 30M with a strong weighting on private equity placements for early-stage to advanced renewable energy projects (hydro, geothermal, waste to energy and biofuel), “last mile” solar power solutions and high yield agriculture projects.

Following a full day of investment presentations in Kigali, Dar es Salaam and Addis Ababa, site visits to investment projects offered captive time with high quality investee companies and provided investors with firsthand, in-country experiences.  Delegates visited the Rwanda Mountain Tea Factory, Giciye I and II hydropower stations, Trust Industries and Afriprecast manufacturing plants and the Special Economic Zone in Rwanda, the AKM Glitters Chicken Hatchery and Feed Mill in Tanzania and Cambridge Industries’ Reppie Waste to Energy plant in Ethiopia.

Southern Africa 2017 – Zambia | Zimbabwe | Namibia | Botswana


The Group’s inaugral in-country investor trip took place in Livingstone, Zambia on the border with Zimbabwe to showcase projects seeking investment in both countries. A small group of investors, advisors, banking and insurance executive and local companies networked and discussed the investment ecosystem in both countries. Projects presented included a major biofuel operation in Zimbabwe, innovative energy start-up projects in Zambia, gold and copper mining projects in both countries and a range of early stage businesses.

In Botswana, investors joined the company’s affiliated and long-running Botswana Resource Sector Conference and Exhibition in Gaborone. The event hosted numerous presentations from mining and exploration companies in diamonds, coal, copper, nickel and gold and provided plenty of opportunities for formal and informal networking with the country’s top financial services providers.

A small investor group met in Windhoek, Namibia with local investment bankers, the Namibian Director of Public Private Partnerships and a group of local businesses and local investors to gain insights into the priority investment sectors in the country.