2018 East African Investor Trip


The African Investments team returned to East Africa to host investor meetings in Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia in September 2018.

In Tanzania the TIC highlighted the country’s strong GDP growth rate (7.2% 2017E), growing per capita income, falling interest rates and a wide range of incentivised investor-ready opportunities across pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, automotives, tourism and infrastructure, but noted falling FDI inflows into the country over the past three years which has been attributed to a declining business environment. Against the backdrop of political uncertainty, particularly around mining and oil & gas projects, law firm Clyde & Co Tanzania outlined the latest changes to legislation discussed various risk mitigation measures and an expert panel shared insights into the power sector. Excellent investment opportunities included hazardous waste management, renewable energy solutions, agribusiness and a number of highly promising gold projects.  Site visits hosted by Trend Solar (innovative rural affordable power solutions) and African Investment Advisors (frozen meat cold chain) highlighted the vibrant opportunities possible in this booming economy.

The Rwanda Development Board, Ministry of Mines and the Tony Blair Institute gave excellent overviews of the numerous opportunities and business-enabling incentives for investment in Rwanda which justify its rating as the 2nd best country in Africa for doing business.  The RDB outlined 14 brownfields investor-ready projects across all sectors followed by presentations from local companies and investment bankers on the latest investment opportunities in the region.  Stand-out presentations included GET IT (food supply chain), Ngali Holdings (all sectors), Ignite Solar (renewables) and Edecon (construction). MeshPower (rural solar mini-grids) and World Food Bank (poultry, grain and vegetable projects) hosted site visits to rural Rwanda providing evidence of social uplift through investments made in collaboration with local communities.

Ethiopia has the continent’s second largest, well-educated and young population and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world spurred by sweeping pro-investment economic reforms to attract investment across a range of sectors previously closed to foreign investors.  The EIC offers a wealth of information on the government’s vision for development and key areas open for investment, in particular energy, agro-processing, textiles, pharmaceuticals and tourism. Delegates were presented with investment proposals across these themes interspersed with expert commentary from local investors and business executives. Local social enterprise group, Enterprise Partners, co-hosted an entrepreneur showcase to introduce the country’s newest businesses across all sectors and a diverse group of panellists explored challenges for access to private equity financing for local SME’s.

Please contact Robyn Scott at robyn@africaninvestments.co for further information on the specific investment opportunities


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