PMS Contact Approval Process

1st September 2020

Hi Everyone,

We would like to implement a 24-hour coverage of the invest-in-africa new contact approval system by having Colette, myself and the Botswana team/Rupert all approving new contacts wanting to promote their services on the IIA website.

The approval process is as follows:

1.   When a person registers for PMS, they need to be approved by us to ensure the content is appropriate. To see the outstanding approvals, click on the Salesforce report ZZZZ/AI – All New PMS Awaiting Approval” then click on the person’s first name which takes you to their SF record:

2.   Click on the person’s first name which takes you to their SF record. Then click on the down arrow on the tab (labelled 1 below) then click on Edit (labelled 2 below) which opens up their profile:

3.   Check the name, account name, title and country are all completed in the first section then scroll down to the section titled African Investments IIA and check that the AIDB Company Overview and AIDB Profile My Service Biography are appropriate and that the AIDB – Website is a legitimate business website. If no website is entered that’s also OK. If all in order, then click on the AIDB Promote my service Approve Status (see arrow below) and select Approved.

4.   If any of the fields are missing or if they are badly written or if the content is inappropriate then leave them in there for Rupert to deal with. Also, if the person is very junior eg Assistant drilling hand then leave them for Rupert to assess. If in any doubt about anyone, leave for Rupert to assess!

The pic below shows that we can achieve 24 hour coverage if Robyn does 8am to 3pm in Australia, LT/Joy/Sindi do 8am to 3pm in Gabs and Colette does 11am to 6pm in Uruguay.

So, during the hours allocated to you, could everyone please check the SF report a couple of times and approve or leave each of the contacts Awaiting Approval in the report. This should only take a few minutes each time we check and will provide redundancy for periods when some of us are on leave.