African Investments Dashboard Guidelines

Accessing the Dashboard for the First Time

  1. Register by clicking on the “Click here to Register” Link on the welcome box
  2. Enter your email address into the welcome box, click Login and you will receive a code direct to your email inbox. You do not need a password. If the code is not received within a reasonable period of time, please check your junk box for a mail from and mark as a safe sender for future Dashboard visits
  3. Enter the code into the welcome box (you may need to refresh the page if the code is not accepted)
  4. A new page will open allowing you to Edit your Personal Details and to Add a New Investment Proposition

Accessing the Dashboard after the First Time

  1. Enter your email address used for registration into the welcome box, click Login and you will receive a code direct to your email inbox
  2. Enter the code into the welcome box
  3. Your Dashboard will open allowing you to access the following
    • Edit your Personal Details
    • Edit or delete your existing Investment Proposition(s)
    • Add another New Investment Proposition

Guidelines for Adding a New Investment Proposition

Please note that we only accept investment propositions with a compelling business plan and strong financial metrics. If you require assistance to prepare a business plan and financial model, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a top financial advisor in your region.

At this stage we are only accepting submissions in English.

Deal Name

This is an internal field for your use allowing you to identify each of your deals quickly. This field is not visible to investors.

Snappy Investment Headline

The headline should include the Project or Company Name and be short and catchy eg. “Solto Energy – Bringing Affordable Solar Energy to Rural Ghana”

Country of Incorporation

The country in which the entity requiring capital is registered.

Country of Operation

The country/countries in which the project is operating in Africa

Business Sector

The sector which describe your company’s main business sector of operation (more than one can be selected)

Current Corporate Structure

Advise whether the company seeking capital is a private company (unlisted) or a public listed company (listed on a stock exchange) or not yet established or another structure

Contact Information for further details

The person/persons who can be contacted if there is investor interest in your proposition – include a name and email address as a minimum

Make the deal public – yes/no?

A deal marked public will be viewable by investors in our network.  Mark the deal as not public if the information on this form is incomplete or if the deal is not yet ready to show investors.

Detailed Executive Summary

Provide a clear, succinct description of your business proposition. You should include

  1. Your investment opportunity – What is the product you are generating or the problem you are solving or business you are expanding?
  2. Your traction to date – What progress have you made so far with this business? / Are you currently profitable? / What contracts or customers or licences have you secured? / What is the growth potential for this business? / What assets does the business currently own?
  3. The need for capital – What will the funds be used for? / How will your business generate revenues and an attractive return for investors with the funding?
  4. Key financial forecast figures – Summarise the expected return on capital invested as per your feasibility study / financial plan / business plan

The Executive Team

Investors place a lot of emphasis on the quality of the management and technical teams behind an investment proposition. Please use this space to briefly highlight the strengths and relevant experience of your key team members to demonstrate why investors should back your company. Provide links to your website or to a professional Human Resources site or on the African Business Network at

Overview of Market

Provide a brief overview of the market size and any critical information on your competition

Overview of Financial Performance

Briefly outline the company’s historic financial performance, the projected financial performance and advise whether financial statements and a financial plan or feasibility study are available.

Proposed Investment Transaction

Clearly state

  1. how much capital you are seeking (in US dollars)
  2. the type of capital ie. debt or equity or other
  3. the terms eg. interest rate, % equity