Latest News from the 2018 North African Investor Trip

Casablanca, Morocco

Investors, local companies, entrepreneurs, government officials and agencies, financial institutions and advisory groups converged in Casablanca in March 2018 for the African Investments Morocco Investor Meeting.

Investment in Morocco is supported by an attractive legal and regulatory framework, various tax incentives, uncapped repatriation of funds, political stability, expanding infrastructure, an educated workforce and a strong, expanding GDP.

Energy Transition is a national government priority and investment in renewable energy was a key focus of this year’s Investor Trip with presentations from key government agencies.  The government has committed to a renewable energy target of 42% of Morocco’s energy mix by 2020, representing an additional installed capacity 6 GW (2GW Solar, 2GW Wind Turbine and 2GW Hydroelectric power). The target for 2030 is 52% which will require investment of ~USD 40bn for more than 10 GW of new capacity.

New projects have been commissioned over the last five years in wind energy (1200 MW), hydropower energy (1800 MW) and the NOOR solar energy projects led by MASEN (830 MW) and represent about 65% of the set targets.

New deregulation laws now permit Independent Power Producer (IPP) access to the high voltage grids and permit the sale of green electricity to industrial consumers through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), thus contributing to the increase of installed capacities. Further liberalisation of laws and regulations are underway to allow private enterprises access to the low and medium voltage networks to supply consumers directly, and to sell a percentage of surplus production to the national electricity utility, ONEE.

The growing Moroccan investment in renewable energy is boosted by the research activities of Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles (IRESEN).  IRESEN built an 8-hectare Green Energy Park at Ben Guerir to test all solar technologies in real climactic conditions and the centre supports numerous PhD research projects, international internships and public and private sector research.    This fantastic facility was visited by the Investor Trip delegates who saw firsthand the potential for Morocco to capitalise on their world-leading expertise in renewable energy technology.

Numerous opportunities for investment were presented across renewable energy, waste management, agribusiness and mining. Please contact Robyn Scott at for further information on the specific investments.



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