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Jeffrey Scheidegger


Rent-to-Own (Z)


Jeffrey is CEO of Rent to Own, a Zambia based social enterprise that aims to unlock the potential of rural entrepreneurs and improve the livelihoods of their families and communities. Rent to Own developed a scalable asset-financing model for farmers and small business owners in rural Africa offering clients a one-stop solution including high quality assets, distribution, training, and financing.
Rent to Own has a growing team of 50 staff and over $3.5 million in assets disbursed since 2013. We are scaling our model across Zambia and plan to launch operations in multiple new countries in order to achieve our goal of serving 1,000,000+ clients.

Jeffrey holds an MSc in Financial management from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands and has been living in Zambia for the last 5 years. Before joining Rent to Own Jeffrey worked in the corporate sector at Shell in various Finance roles in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.

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